Five Responses to Relationship Questions at Thanksgiving

When you’re at home next week, bonding with loved ones over all that food, someone is bound to ask about your dating life or why you’re still single, like they always do. And the best thing you can do is come prepared with responses like these for the nosy questions from your loving friends and family.

  • "Still solo, but I’ve been killing it at work” - A short and sweet response for family members asking if you’re dating anyone of if you’re STILL single that gives you a segue into something that’s going well in your life.
  • "I’m dating” - This coy reply is ideal for when a loved one asks if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it does leave you open to follow up questions about your love life, so beware.
  • "It wasn’t meant to be. So what’s been going on in your life?” - If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, navigating holidays and all the questions from friends and family can be annoying, frustrating, and might make you feel like bursting into tears. But having a quick reply like this that helps pivot the conversation to another subject could save you.
  • "We’re enjoying ourselves and taking things slow” - When you’re seeing someone and your family is bugging you about when they’ll finally get to meet them, this tactful response could get them to hold their horses.
  • "You’ll definitely be the first to know” - And when you’ve been in a serious relationship for a while, everyone will be asking when you’re getting engaged, so this straightforward answer is a lighthearted way to shut down the conversation.
  • "Relationship questions are off limits until we finish with pie” - You can use this funny, not overly snarky response to basically any question about your love life that you don’t want to answer. There’s a chance your aunt will bring it up after dinner, but maybe she’ll forget after several glasses of wine or when her food coma sets in.

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