Colt's Cozy Warm Weekend In a Few Photos

My wife visited town this weekend!!! We had a lot of fun. I did my show on Friday and we just chilled... Saturday was super awesome! Except for Mall of America. I love the mall, but OH MY GOD. You can not park up in that sob on the holiday weekends. It was insane. Like finding a parking spot is more difficult than winning Jingle Ball tickets on KDWB.

After driving around for fifty minutes we decided to just head over to kohl's. We bought Christmas pajamas and sweaters:

We hit up a comedy show later in the night. Our Friend, Alyse, just started out in comedy and it's been fun to see her grow and expand within the industry:


Was max relax. We had headaches from borrowing future fun the night before & didn't have the energy to do a dayum thing (so I don't have any photos). 

My bad but actually not my bad. I don't like to work when my wife is visiting because we only see each other like 6-10 days out of every month lol. I try to keep my phone down and my attention on her.

Hope your weekend was great!! Thank you for reading, you're the best.

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