10 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

We all want to help other people, right? It helps them and it helps us feel good about what we did. But sometimes we want to help, and we just don't know how. I mean, besides putting money in a Salvation Army kettle (do) and handing a five to a person with a cardboard sign (don't) ways to help don't always jump right up in front of us.

Here are some ways you might not have thought about:

-Run for a good cause in Turkey Trot 5K. Your entry fee will help a good cause.

-Donate to a food shelf. Everyone has a few cans and boxes of food around they don't need. I always suggest to throw in some fun stuff like Ravioli and Spaghetios and Sponge Bob Mac n Cheese. Hungry kids want fun food, not just spinach and rice!

-Deliver meals to senior citizens who can't leave their home.  Seniors are the most over-looked and forgotten when it comes to need. Everyone thinks of kids first, then parents, then pets, then seniors. All are worthy, but it's sad that someone who's alone and not very mobile has to sit home alone. Sometimes the people who deliver Meals on Wheels are the only live humans they see all week.

Here's an article with some more great ways to help.

My bonus tip: Do it with your kids. That way they learn about giving and helping other people. Too many of us raise our kids to have an attitude of "What can the world do for me?" That's wrong.

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