Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: November 9 - 11

Did the weekend really fly by or what? Seems like it was just Friday afternoon! Hope you had a good one!

Let's get started!

Friday night our neighbors had a "Create Your Own Cocktail" party. We were judged on the presentation, the taste, the name and the appearance. Because I love magic, mine was called "24K Magic" and the presentation was all about magic.  You can see it here.

I've been trying to clear some stuff out of the house and I found a box with some random old stuff.  We have here an old John Elway Broncos plaque, a framed picture of me when I flew with the Air Force Thunderbirds 15 or so years ago, a Ringtone Countdown shirt from when I used to host a weekly syndicated radio show by the same name, a Toastmasters speaking contest award and some old golf shoes. I threw it all away and then reconsidered on the Thunderbirds pic so I fished it out of the trash and just threw away the frame. Pictures should be saved, right?

Last year, one of the presents I got for Susan was a coin sorter.  Steve and Falen gave me a ton of @#% for getting it but we used it this weekend and we're happy we have it!

Saturday night we watched "14 Cameras."  Not as good as "13 Cameras" but still good. It's about a creepy old guy who rents out houses full of hidden cameras.

And finally, on Sunday night, Carson's Boy Scout troop held a Court of Honor, where the boys and adults all get recognized for what they've done, whether it's earning merit badges, attaining a higher rank or some other kind of honor. Carson and I both won what they call "The Triple Crown" because we went to all three of the Boys Scouts high-adventure bases: Northern Tier canoe base in Ely, MN, Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and Seabase in Florida. It's an award that only 1,100 people won this years so we are pretty proud of it.

And here's my plug for Scouting. It may seem dorky to some people, but there's no other organization for kids, boys and girls now, that gets them outdoors where they learn about the planet, experience some amazing adventures you don't get in sports, all while learning leadership and building self-confidence. There's no other program like it and I truly hope you'll check it out for your sons and daughters. You can join Scouting at any age from 5 - 18. Lots of Scouts join around age 12 or 14 just for the incredible experiences. Oh, and parents can join too and go along on these adventures like I did!

Here's a link to find out more.

Have a great week! Last full week before Thanksgiving! Yay!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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