How Often Does The Average Car Owner Use Their Car

I think the next car that I buy... since it's quite an investment, will be one I can sleep in, lol... 

For how much we spend in it... we should start spending more time in it! A new survey shows that the average car owner manages to enjoy just NINE hours a week behind the wheel. Yes, NINE. Research revealed while many are proud of the vehicle they own, the amount of time they actually spend enjoy driving it on the open road, and getting their money’s worth, is minimal. According to the stats, the rest of the time — around 159 hours per week — the vehicle is siting idle on the driveway, in the garage, in a parking lot or outside their place of work.  

Let's do the math... let's say your car payment is $550/month. NINE hours a week multiplied by 4 (36 hours a month in your car.) So, 550/36= $15.25 roughly.  So for every hour of driving you do in your car... you're spending $15.25 to drive it (not including gas.) 

With all of that said... I will still buy nice cars and enjoy my 9 hours in my car.


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