Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures! November 2 - 4

It was a great weekend! Friday night, I stayed home and watched a movie called "Columbus Circle" which was really good. Highly recommend.

Saturday, I walked 4 miles with Josie and listened to a podcast about the world's biggest art heist. Sounds boring but it's really good.  It's called "Last Seen." 

Here's the rest of my weekend in five pictures!

Friday, Carson and I were cleaning out the garage and we found his old ripstick, which he hasn't ridden in a few years.  I told him I'd give him a dollar if he could still ride it.  He struggled for a few seconds getting on it, but he still could do it! And yes, I paid off on our deal. 

For my 25th anniversary at KDWB, the station gave me this super-cool paddle board. I didn't want to just leave it laying in the garage over the winter so I went down to Home Depot and got some eye hooks and a stud finder and some bungee cords and hung it from the ceiling. For someone like me who's not handy at all this was a big accomplishment!

Carson plays the drum set in the pit orchestra for his school's musical and we went to see it Saturday night. It was great and the band sounded top-notch!

Ever since I got that book, "Swedish Death Cleaning" I've been ruthless about throwing stuff out and cleaning up clutter.  This is Susan going through the kitchen cupboards and throwing out stuff we have forgotten we even had, including CDs. I know they're still in good shape and we like them but seriously we haven't played a CD in our house in years.

Carson is still a Boy Scout but since he made Eagle, he doesn't really participate as much, but I do. I'm still an assistant scoutmaster and I love it. I'm also a counselor for Pets Merit Badge so a bunch of us met in a park on Sunday to help the boys earn the badge. This is a gecko one of the boys had.

I hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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