A Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween

Halloween 2018 is a wrap and it ended without tears, arguments or lost children. 

The family went dressed as characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was a big hit. Scroll down for pictures from our Halloween night. 

Here's our family picture that we took before going trick or treating. 

I'm obviously dressed as Jack Skellington and Kristy's dressed as my love, Sally.

Isaac and Olivia dressed in their nightmare costumes along with characters from Star Wars and Captain Underpants. 

The biggest hit of the evening, besides the bubbles, kids went CRAZY for Veggies Chips!!!!!  ALL KIDS LOVE VEGGIES CHIPS!!!!!

One of the big hits of the night for our kids was the family giving out the glowing clappers.  

Here are the kids with the candy that we'll probably make disappear after today. (insert evil laughter) 

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