Jenny's Trip to New Orleans in Five (ish) Pics!

Some of my oldest girlfriends and I headed to New Orleans for a girls trip!  My flight got in Friday afternoon and they didn't get in until midnight.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do Friday but I got a message on Instagram from Jill, one of our listeners, saying she was in town for a bachelorette party and invited me out with her and her friends!  They were SO much fun.  Thanks again for letting me tag along ladies :) 

People were dressed up all weekend for Halloween and Friday I met a big bachelor party.  One of the guys was dressed as Forest Gump and I had to snap a picture since we go together like peas and carrots.

My girlfriends got ready quick and then came to meet me on Bourbon Street at 1am.  I'm not sure why we're not smiling more in this because we were super happy to see each other, but also this was a few cocktails deep. 

Saturday we did some touristy things.  First we checked out Lafeyette Cemetery.  It was cool and creepy and I'm scared to develop pictures from it because I have no doubt a ghostly figure will appear in them. 

This is Buckner mansion, a famous mansion in the Garden District and has been used in American Horror Story.

Saturday night we dressed up in Halloween costumes to go out!  I went as a mermaid and somehow pulled off some decent makeup.  I used fishnets for the "scale" look, doused on the glitter and lots of colorful eye shadow. 

We hit Bourbon Street again and painted that city red.  We danced the night away, threw beads off balconies, and stayed out until 4am. 

One last picture of a building I really liked in the French Quarter.

I actually didn't take a ton of pictures because I'm putting together a video of the trip so I have tons of videos and will post that as soon as I have time to edit it together!  Stay tuned!

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