Colt's Weekend in Five Photos - I Dressed as Jim From 'The Office'

Wowww it's crazy how you can fit so many things into one weekend. 

My wife isn't moving to Minnesota until Dec. 7th. She was visiting this weekend and we wanted to make the most of it!

After work on Friday, I made my way to our friends Halloween party in South Minneapolis. My wife and I always have the worst costumes soooo we decided to dress as Jim and Pam from 'The Office' this year to display the fact that we are creative and not lazy af (when it comes to costumes).

It turned out pretty legit:

Waking up Saturday was a tad rough but nonetheless I succeeded. Coffee from this shop downtown helped. I think it's called Parallel? Its newer and has a parking lot which is a game changer for sure:

After said coffee, we made our way to Shakopee with our friends. Sever's was soooo much fun!! I had an awesome time in the maze. I had a pretty punny caption for instagram as well:

Sunday was nothing but max relaxation. My wife was getting ready to leave Monday morning sooo we chilled with our cats, Tigger & Cuddles, for a good portion of the day. Here's cuddles doing yoga on top of our cupboards lol

Okurr other than that..... We drove around St. Louis park and looked at homes for sale! We're having a difficult time figuring out where to live. I like being closer to the city but Jenn wants us to be further out. Idk. It's a struggle.

Anyways, how was your weekend?

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