Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Pre-Halloween Weekend

My weekend started with a super fun show at Treasure Island with Gary Spivey. The crowd was awesome and we had some great questions including my favorite, "I've met my soulmate and his coworkers think he's gay. Is he? and will my husband who lives in my basement end up messing up this relationship?" 

Saturday evening Dave and I hosted the "Red Carpet to Hell" Halloween party at the Living Room at the W Hotel. This group who dressed as Ready Player One went all out and won best overall costume. Side note, if you get a chance jump over to Dave's blog and see what he wore to the Halloween's pretty awesome.

Sun came out for a while on Sunday so we were out doing yard work and my wife, Kristy got the dogs in their Halloween costumes and took this picture of Murray that's PERFECT.  

Later on Sunday afternoon, we went to a friends Halloween costume and while this isn't EVERYONE in our family, here's a sneak peek of our family Halloween costume. 

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