Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Spivey, Post Op Malone and Flying!

Wow! What a weekend! Gary Spivey show on Friday, Barktoberfest on Saturday, Halloween party on Saturday night, and flying on Sunday.

Let's get started!

Okay, a little out of order here. This is my Halloween Costume for Saturday night. I wasn't Post Malone. I had an IV bag so I was Post OP Malone. Probably the favorite Halloween Costume I've ever done!

To see more of the my costume (can you tell I'm proud of it?) and a bunch more from the KDWB Halloween Party at The Living Room, click here.

Let's back up to Friday night. Psychic Gary Spivey did a great show at Treasure Island. He was on fire and touched a lot of hearts, made people laugh and I think everyone had a great time!

Saturday morning, I was up early to go to Becker, Minnesota's Barktoberfest to sell Clipadoos and copies of my book. I met so many cool people and Josie (pictured) met so many cool dogs! She is, by the way, the happiest dog of all time!

Order your own Clipadoo here.  They make great stocking-stuffers!

And a copy of my book here.

Leaving the Halloween party on Saturday night, I was parked at the foot of the Foshay Tower. It's kind of an overlooked landmark in Minneapolis because it's not as tall as some of the buildings and a lot of the time, you can't see it unless your right there on it. But it really is cool!

Sunday, I took a friend and her husband up flying. This is downtown St. Paul, with the capital building just above dead center from about 2000 feet.

To see more pictures from the flight, click here.

I hope you had a fun weekend or at least a relaxing one! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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