Starbuck''s has a Witch's Brew Frappaccino


Check out this new Starbuck's drink - Witch's Brew Frappuccino! I probably have talked about it before but now we have images of what it looks like! Today also happens to be the first day it is available at Starbucks here in the US but you gotta get it fast because it is only out until Halloween!

"Bright purple, it’s “toad’s breath”-flavored — which really means Swirl Orange Crème Frappuccino-flavored — and layered with green “bat warts,” AKA chia seeds. It’s then topped off with vanilla whipped cream and a dusting of green “lizard scale” powder, which I’m assuming is matcha powder."

 It is a bright purple with whip cream and green sugar. It looks too pretty to drink. And hey, the rumor is, it will put a spell on you!


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