Reclaim Your Closet By Getting Rid of These Clothing Items

Even if you don’t have a little bit of hoarder in you, you probably have piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories in your closet that you never wear anymore. You may find it hard to part with some items because you think you’ll wear them again, but chances are, you won’t. These are the space wasters you should donate now to reclaim your closet.

  • Way too big clothing pieces - There’s a big difference between something that’s oversized and something that just doesn’t fit.
  • “Interview” pants - The ones someone convinced you to buy for a “business professional” look before interviewing for your first jobs and you spent way too much money on and they don’t fit well or do you any favors. Time to let them go.
  • Counterfeit handbags - You’re not fooling anyone and there’s a whole crime, human trafficking, and child labor industry behind them that you don’t want to be contributing to.
  • All the tote bags - Souvenirs from that conference, your cousin’s wedding, the one you bought when your purse broke, they all need to go … well, maybe keep one good one.
  • All your frumpy pajamas - You’re a grown up, invest in some real, proper PJs and ditch the 20 college T-shirts and ratty old flannel pants.
  • Pilled leggings - When you wear them a lot and roll around the carpets at Pure Barre wearing them, they’re going to pill. So get rid of the worn out ones and treat yourself to a decent pair that’ll last a while.
  • The coat you’ve worn for too many winters - A coat has a lifespan, too, and if yours has reached the end of it’s time, a good wool coat is a great replacement and it’ll last “forever” if you take good care of it.
  • Those super skinny jeans - Skinnies are fine if that’s your style, but well-fitting jeans shouldn’t restrict your organs and force you to sit awkwardly all day.

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