Colt & His Sister Had a Ghost Encounter - We Saw Our Grandpa


The following story is 100% true. The events that transpired happened in my childhood home and nothing is exaggerated for entertainment's sake.

I Had a Ghost Encounter

Proceed with caution

I mean it's not that bad, but whatever...

My sister and I had rooms in the basement. Of course. Super creepy and all spooky like. 

I was probably around the age of 11, my sister 13, (my grandpa passed away when I was 9) and one night there was a terrible thunderstorm. Every other 30 seconds there seemed to be flashes of lighting. My room was completely black. I couldn't see anything in front of my face. The only time I could see was when lighting would flash into my room through the large rectangle window in the middle of my room. 

After a few flashes, I saw a figure in the mirror which was located in the corner of my room. a few more flashes go by and I realize it was my grandpa. A few more flashes occur and I look over to my left to see my grandpa at my bedside. Not in an angelic like form... like he always dressed... red flannel... aviator glasses... levi jeans... 

He said he loved and missed me and told me he would always watch over me. 

At this point you're probably thinking, "okay whatever that was most likely a dream."

I thought that too, until I entered my sister's room the next morning. 

I told her "the craziest thing happened last night." 

Before I said anything else she responded with "Did you see him too? Grandpa? He was in my room last night."

Crazy. That's the only time I saw him. 

Have you ever had an encounter???

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