'Nose Warmer' A Dumb New Product That People Will Probably Waste Money On

How DUMB are you willing to look to stay warm this winter?

There's a product going viral right now called the Nose Warmer.  And basically, it's like a small winter hat for your NOSE.  You put it on your nose, so it looks like a BEAK, and then tie the straps around the back of your head.



It WILL keep your nose warm.  You WILL look ridiculous in the process.

 The Nose Warmers were invented by a woman named Sally Steel-Jones in England, and she sells them on her website in a bunch of different styles, including fleece, faux fur, wool, leopard print, and more. If you want one, you can get it at NoseWarmer.com, and it looks like it'll be about $13 to get one here including shipping. 

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