Meet Moose: Destroyer of Fine Literature

Nicole sent me this email:

Hi Dave,

My name is Nicole and we met in May at the studio when I got your book signed for my fiance, Mike (which made him jealous that I met you and he didn't). Well, guess who really wanted to read (eat) the book!? It would be our 7 month old puppy, Moose that took it off of a high table while we were out with our son and daughter. I'm hoping to get another copy signed if possible. It means a lot to him.


Awww, Moose!  He has that look dogs get when they know they've messed up!

If you want a non-chewed copy of my book, you can get it on Amazon or at There's also a Kindle version AND a podcast. Just go to the podcast app, iHeart Radio or iTunes and search for Take a Shower Show.

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