This Music Video Made Me Cry Like a Baby

Saturday morning, I woke up and turned on the TV. I don't remember what channel it was on, but a video was playing and some of the lyrics were "She's somebody's daughter."

I didn't catch all the lyrics, but having two daughters of my own, I was really interested in what she was singing about. So I went over and rewound the video on TiVo and watched it.

It was a country song, and I'm not a country fan but I sat down and watched it. By the end of it, I had tears streaming down my face. Just crying like a baby.

I think the part where she sings about dreaming of life in the high school gym during a school dance really hit me. When we're in high school, everything's supposed to go great in our lives and sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. I had a lot of friends who had big dreams in high school and they either didn't come true, or my friends didn't live long enough to see them come true. Maybe that's what got me.

Or maybe it's that her dad loved the girl in the video so much when she was young and I wondered what went wrong and where he was now. Or maybe it's the fact that the song is in D Minor, the saddest of all keys. (That's a joke and if you get it, I'm super-impressed with you)

Here's the video. Check it out. Let me know if you cried too, or if I'm just a big wuss.

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