Seven Dave Ryan Show Listeners Who Picked Tragically Bad Halloween Costumes

You spend hours or weeks planning your Halloween costume, you think its brilliant but nobody understands it. Here are seven people who had a similar experience and shared their Halloween costume fails on Facebook.


I dressed as Charlie Chaplin for a zombie pub crawl and everybody thought I was Hitler. Super fun.


A friend dressed as the Hulk, but everyone thought he was shrek! 


 Cyndi Lauper and people thought I was a gypsy. Made my 6 yr old self so PISSED! 


 I dressed up as a nerd but everyone thought I was Pat from SNL. #selfesteemcrusher


I dressed as a tree, but people thought I was a hunter.


 In college I dressed as Pippi Longstocking and everyone thought I was the Wendy's girl.


As Alice in Wonderland and everyone thought I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...丹潑儭

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