Let's Bring Bhad Bhabie to KDWB's Jingle Ball!

'Member her? Of course you do! She was 13 when she was on Dr. Phil a couple of years ago and said the famous line, "Cash me ousside, how bou' dah?"

And now she's a rapper on Atlantic Records, and I want to bring her to Jingle Ball!

Oh I get it. She's annoying and all, BUT it would be fun to see this dumpster fire of an act at Jingle Ball. And who knows, maybe she'd kill it? What if she came and was amazing and you remembered it forever? I can hear it now:

"Yes, I went to Jingle Ball. The Chainsmokers okay, but Bhad Bhabie was FIRE!"

Yes, that's her name now, Bhad Bhabie.  We're not sure if it's pronouced Bad Baby or Bad Bah-bee. I've heard both.

Okay, just so you remember, here's her appearance on Dr. Phil.

And here's the video of her song, "Gucci Flip Flops".

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