Dave's Weekend in Six Pictures: What's a Naked Mexicanhat?

I was in Colorado this past weekend, getting the house there ready for a bachelorette party my daughter Allison is having for her best friend. But I didn't just clean and shop! Take a look at my weekend in five (plus one bonus cuz it was a long weekend) pictures!

I was out hiking in the foothills and found this really interesting and beautiful flower. I looked it up in an app that identifies flowers and plants (Plantsnap) and it turns out it's a Naked Mexicanhat. Which I can kinda see cuz it looks something like a sombrero. 

I'm convinced this is a bear track. It was way too big to be from a dog.

This photo just doesn't do this spot justice. It was so beautiful and colorful and my favorite spot on the hike.

You know how it is! You see deer in the backyard and you HAVE to take pictures even though they're not rare at all!

Friday, I made amazing Chicken Cacciatore in the crock pot. I found the mix at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. It was SO good! And SO easy! Here's a link to buy it on Amazon.

My family used to be a big Volkswagon family. My dad went through 3 VW busses like this one, so when I saw this in a gift shop, I knew I had to get it. I hung it on the woodshed out back of the house in Colorado. Since I knew it would blow around in the wind, I anchored it with some nails in the front and the back. This is probably my FAVORITE picture of the weekend.

Have a great week!  Thanks for looking at my blog!


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