This Minnesota "Barefoot Runner" Trolled Everyone & Went Viral

Have you ever stepped on an acorn barefoot? It's not fun I tell ya, not fun. 

On Tuesday, a post from a Northeast neighborhood FB group was shared on Twitter.

The post's author said he's a "competitive barefoot runner" and asked his neighbors to "please keep your sidewalks clear of any acorns or other debris that might injure those whom are active members of the barefoot running community, including myself."

People. Went. IN.

SOURCE: Twitter
SOURCE: Twitter

The tweet got more than 70,000 likes and RTs. The "barefoot runner" (whose name is Eric Curtis) had gone viral with write ups in Esquire, Mashable, Fast Company, Uproxx, Gizmodo, and a local weekly paper, & others. The Washington Post included this response from Curtis after asking him why he doesn't wear running shoes:

"Then it's not barefoot running," Curtis said, adding that his "healer" ("I don’t really trust doctors") counseled going shoeless to ease various medical issues.

It was Buzzfeed who finally decided to do some fact checking. 

Curtis admitted making it all up after struggling to answer some barefoot running questions during a phone interview with BuzzFeed News. He was vague when asked to list recent races he competed in, and later declined to provide a photo of him hitting the streets barefoot.

Asked if he had any final message, Curtis said, "I can’t believe BuzzFeed was the one who actually fact checked."

Good bit, Eric. Good bit.

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