Tina's Weekend in WAY MORE than Five-ish Photos 10/5 - 10/9

I went to Texas.

Boom. Headline #nailedit

Thursday 10/4 -

I flew to Dallas to meet up with my long lost lover, Rav-Nasty. We went to a Dallas Stars game! It was their home opener & George Strait was there. When in Texas?

Friday 10/5 -

We made the drive from Dallas to Austin to head to Austin City Limits Music Festival!

This was my Day 1 outfit - obviously only out here to support my dude Sir Paul.

My love, my life, THE FREAKIN' GOAT Sir Paul McCartney!!!

Yeah, you could say the Austin skyline is ok.

Saturday 10/6 -

Day 2 outfits. I went for color and Raven went for leather... god bless her.

We went to the graffiti park! Someone told us the next day that they are actually planning on moving this to another location, so I'm super happy I got to see it before then.

Right after I took this picture I ripped my jeans. 

True story.

We checked out Sofi Tucker.

And our dude Bazzi (who was just announced on our 2018 #KDWBJingleBall lineup)!!!

We also saw Nelly & Metallica, but apparently I was pictured out for the night.

Sunday 10/7 -

Day 3 was hitting us hard. This is how we looked...

...and this is how we felt.

We went to Odd Duck for brunch which was recommended to me by a listener, so shout out Alyssa (who used to cook there) because this meal was INSANE!! 

This was my first music festival, but I gotta say, Austin does it right.

Smiling through the heat and the full body pains.

We decided to make the drive back to Dallas Sunday night... In-N-Out was NECESSARY!

Monday 10/8 -

I had one last day in Dallas and my flight kept getting delayed, so we decided to be tourists and check out The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Obviously, I wasn't alive for the Kennedy assassination, but the museum was still incredibly interesting. 

This is the window and the set up that Lee Harvey Oswald used to shoot the President... or at least that's what they want us to think.

Raven and I fully believe there was a conspiracy & are #TeamGrassyKnoll

My flight was still delayed, so we got Margs.

I had SO much fun this weekend!! Both Austin and Dallas were amazing and ACL was all the good times, even if it caused me physical pain. 

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