Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: I Went to a Wedding with 950 People!

Went home to Rochester, NY for a trip to see one of my mentors get married.  Pete "The Mayor" Kennedy was on the radio when I was a kid, he taught me lessons when I got into radio and is still a major influence in my life.  Pete is known as "The Mayor" because he knows everybody and with over 950 people attending his wedding it's clear that this is true.

Here are few lessons I learned from Mayor. 

 A. Make friends with police. 

B. Occasional loneliness is a small price to pay for a lifetime for independence and freedom.

C. Stay Hydrated.

D. Stay Connected with people.  Every year on my birthday, Kristy's birthday AND the kids birthday we get a phone call. 

E. The One Year Marriage Rule: Mayor doesn't give a card on the day you get married, he waits a year and on your one year wedding anniversary you get a "Happy 1st Birthday" card in the mail with a generous gift.  

So how was the wedding?

  It was the both the biggest and most intimate wedding I've ever been too. 

Highlights:  All Mayor drinks is Coors Light, he's a guy that sticks to his routine and habits and he knows what he likes so of course there had to be a Coors Light truck. 

Mayor is also friends with ALL of the police. One of the New York State Supreme Court Justices that officiated the wedding remarked that it was the safest wedding in the history of New York State. 

It was basically a high school reunion, I saw former co-workers, friends, you name em', I saw em.  

We did a bunch of other stuff while in Rochester including making a quick stop at our very first apartment. 

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