10 Problems Only Smart People (Like You!) Have

I don't wanna brag (yes, I do) that I'm in MENSA, the high-IQ society.  I took the test at the Burnsville Library about 8 years ago. I did okay on the math and numbers stuff, but I killed it on the word stuff.

So, without further bragging, (even though I'd like to) Here are 10 problems only smart people have.

  • They overintellectualize things. "Since [smart people] can see lots of angles -- in fact, they've been rewarded for seeing multiple angles -- they often can't accept what's in front of them," cautions an expert. "This can be ideal when they're considering complex strategies or life decisions," he allows, but when shutting up and taking action is what is required, smart people can struggle.
  • They're perfectionists. Perfectionism is "the smart person's version of Fear of Failure,"according to experts.

  • They're afraid of looking stupid. This can drive some perverse behavior in kids labeled smart. After school is over the same fear can prevent clever adults from asking questions or learning something new, both of which might reveal their ignorance.

  • They forget what it's like to be a beginner. "As you get more and more advanced in your career (or relationship or business or pretty much anything), it becomes harder and harder to relate to true beginners," 

  • They want to skip the basics. Well, not if they're Elon Musk-level smart, but your garden-variety intelligent person does. "Too many people think they're too advanced to perfect the fundamentals," he writes.

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