Are You a Good Person? Or Maybe Not So Much? Take This Quiz!

I'm far from perfect and when I was younger I was very self-centered and too many times, I put my needs and wants above other people's. But I was never cruel or spiteful or sadistic. This quiz looks for all those traits and tells you your score on a scale of 1-5 and where you fit into the rest of the population.

My score was a 1.9 which seemed high, but apparently I'm at a very low percentage of 11, which means that only 11% of people scored lower than me, which I feel good about! I just told my wife this and she agreed that my problem isn't being too selfish, it's putting other people before myself way too often, which might be true! But I'd sure rather have it that way, wouldn't you?

Here's a link to the quiz. It's short, only 30 questions, but you can take a longer, more accurate one as well. Be honest and don't try to trick it!


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