Share This Article About "Emotional Labor" With Your Lazy Husband

"The New York Post" just did a big write-up on a trendy new term lazy husbands should know called "emotional labor."  And it's all about taking the LEAD on things which lets be honest, most men don't do a very good job doing.

A lot of women feel like a MOM in the relationship, where they constantly have to ask their boyfriend or husband to do stuff.  And it ends up stressing both people out.  But "emotional labor" isn't just about doing chores or being lazy.

  It also involves the "mental load" of things like tracking your kid's calendar and knowing when their next doctor visit is.  Stuff like that takes time, effort, and focus.  And women tend to shoulder more of the responsibility and more of the stress that comes with it. 

Don't quite understand what "emotional labor" is, well a Penn State professor uses a story about working at Starbucks to describe it

Despite being someone who enjoys people and sociable, I would find myself completely exhausted after a part-time shift at Starbucks… and I really didn’t understand why. My face would hurt. It would literally hurt from all the interacting and the smiling and the emotional labor I was doing, but I didn’t know that’s what it was called.”

and she then defines emotional labor as...

“It’s kind of like when you get a gift and you don’t really like it, and you have to still smile and act nice because otherwise your Aunt Bernadette would be offended. But you have to do that all day long. Not only that, but it’s explicitly part of your job. It’s tied to your wages and outcomes, and if you don’t do it, there are consequences—like you could lose your job, or you could get in trouble. And it’s with strangers, for the most part.”

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