'Gary Spivey Explains..' What's In This Picture From Christmas Morning?

Shoua sent us this strange photo that was taken on Christmas morning 2004.

I was listening to your radio station this morning and you guys were talking about a picture a listener sent of the spirit of a man in the suit behind two little girls. It made me curious about this picture i have as well and that maybe Gary Spivey can look into it. This picture was taken Christmas morning in 2004 at our old home. If you look closely there’s an image of a man walking into our closet door with an address of “060”. Our house number was 5521. The tv was not on and no one in our family was wearing a button up striped shirt. It looks like he’s walking to a house or something of the unknown.That closet have always given me creeps as a child. It was dark with tall ceilings, leading into the an attic that no one ever went into. My brothers have also experienced ghost like activities in the house before. I hope you guys can help me out with this because it’s been bothering me for years and i want to know is it just a blurb in the picture of does this mean something else..Thanks for your time


Listen to Gary's explanation of the photo below.

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