Colt's Weekend in 5 Shots - Wife Almost Left Me For Justin Timberlake

This weekend was so much fun. We went to the Justin Timberlake Concert on Saturday and It was incredible. 

Friday I partied at rio loco cantina in Hudson as a do every Friday night! (come out and so hey....)

Saturday was so much fun for my Wife. She's always loved JT, just like every other person, and to see him up close and personal was incredible.

Look how close we are!

Reasons Why You Should Buy Tickets For Justin Timberlake's 'Man of the Woods' Tour:

  1. The entertainment - You don't just get singing. You get dancing, theatrics & The Tennessee kids, who perform with him as well. 
  2. Nostalgia - He performs all of his hits. Literally, all of his hits. He goes all in on them too. Gives each song %110
  3. Dancing - I get i hit on this with "Entertainment," but THE DANCING IS STUPENDOUS. He has 4-5 backup dancers at all times that heighten his moves. They were working hard up on that stage... which brings me to the next number...\
  4. The Stage - It wraps around the entire floor. You aren't just watching an artist run around on a square box. Like a snake, it swirls around the entire floor and he uses up every inch of it. Going from one side of the stadium to the next, he performs at a high level up front and personal to as many people as he can get to.
  5. How humble he is - At least 5 times the crowd consistently screamed for 30 seconds at a time. He was so happy and dumbfounded by it. I'm not an idiot, i get that he could've been acting his reaction out, but it seemed genuine. I think it actually motivated him to keep giving it his all. 

Some of the theatrics included a fire right no stage at the X.:

We dressed up for the vibrant concert as well:

Are Justin Timberlake Tickets Worth Buying?

All in all, yes. 

They may be pricey, but he puts so much into it. The theatrics, the dancing, the choreography, the bonfire scene, the video clips... WELL WORTH IT (or just win it on your local iHeartRadio Station ;) )

My wife and I spent the entire morning talking about how cool it was and what we liked about it the most.

Sunday I dropped my wife off at the Airport. She'll be moved here completely at the beginning of December. Can't wait!!

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