Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/28 - 9/30

Friday night myself and Tina hosted a pre-party for the Justin Timberlake concert.  We met a ton of wonderful listeners including Kara who ended up winning seat upgrades from our #KDWBJT contest!

We hopped over to a bar for a little after the pre-party.  Tina has an alter ego that comes out when she drinks.  First my bartender friend hooked it up with some tequila shots and Tina screams "Can a bitch get some salt".  Then she decides she's had enough to drink to buy a Gucci ring. 

Some guy in a suit asked Tina and I if we would like to be in VIP while we were waiting for Justin to come on, so that's why we ended up getting so close.  It was such a good concert!  Probably the newest addition to Top 5 concerts I've seen. 

Saturday I had my friends Jon & Ashley's house warming party.  You know the feeling of being so full but there's still food in front of you so you keep eating?  That's what this picture captures.  We had already gone in on brats, burgers, spicy chicken dip, and more but that didn't stop us from continuing to eat oreos. 

Sunday I stopped at Dunn Brothers to grab some coffee before doing my Sunday show.  The guy paying was in a great cowboy outfit, snakeskin boots and all.  So I creepily took a pic but did it fast so didn't get the awesome boots in it. 

Fall is officially here and I'm not going to say I hate it.  Just hoping mother nature holds off a little bit on the white stuff.  Have a great week!

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