Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (September 28 - 30)

Well hello! I hope you had a good weekend! It definitely felt like Fall! I wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival cuz it's the last weekend and I haven't been in a few years, but it's only 50 degrees today (Sunday) so I'm inside instead.

Here we go with my weekend in five pictures!

I was at Eden Prairie Center on Friday night and it made me a little sad to see them tearing down the old Sears. I have a lot of memories in that store but I'll admit, I haven't set foot in a Sears in probably 10 years or more, unless it was to take a short cut to the parking lot. When I first moved here, EPC was kind of dead; just a theater, a Sam Goody, a Kid Zone and a food court.  Since they remodeled it 15 or so years ago, it's one of my favorite malls.

Friday night.  Me at Josie on the couch.  She's just my buddy.  And she knows it.

This is Elizabeth and Tom. She emailed me the middle of last week and asked if I would take Tom up for his birthday this past Saturday. Long story short, we went!

Just an interesting note. Prince owned all the empty land in the center of this picture. In fact, his house was in this spot until he tore it down about 15 years ago. Now that he's gone, all that open land is being sold and will be covered in houses within a few years. So sad.

Saturday night I went to the Justin Timberlake Pre-Concert Party at Seventh Street Truck Park. It was SUPER-busy and crowded but I met some really fun and cool people.

Thanks for looking at my blog! I hope you have a good week!


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