Interesting Facts About People that Listen to the Dave Ryan Show

We post questions daily on the Dave Ryan Show Facebook Fan page and on Thursday we asked people to share some interesting facts about themselves and we got some great responses we just had to had share.

Danielle 'I’ve lost over 80 pounds just with changing my diet and exercise. No fancy shakes, fads, supplements, wraps, surgery, etc. Just eating better foods and less.'

Brittany 'I was born with only one kidney but had no idea until I was 24 and had an ultrasound for a different issue.'

Megan 'I am a decedent of Buffalo Bill or William Fredrick Cody and my middle name is Cody for that reason'

Vanessa, ' My mom had her tubes tied and got pregnant with me!'

Danelle ' I was the model on the insert that was in all packages bugs bunny vitamins! I was about 2yrs old... I still have the original bunny I was holding & an unopened package from the mid 80s that my grandma sent me!'

I won the Richard Drew Scientific Creativity Award in High School. (He invented the Post-it at 3M) I got to take a tour of the 3M R&D facility in the Cities and attend a ball filled with my fellow science nerds.

I have a professional certificate in floral design from Parson’s School of Design in NYC

Theresa, 'I can pop every joint in my body including my coccyx (tailbone).'

Selena, I do not eat any condiments!! I hate them all

Trenton, 'I operate a retro advertising blog!'

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