This Year's Most Popular Halloween Candy! puts out a list every year of the three most popular Halloween candies in all 50 states.  Not necessarily the ones we LOVE the most, but the ones we HAND OUT the most.

And this year, they also posted a list of the top 10 OVERALL by looking at how many pounds of each candy Americans have ordered since 2007.

And as a nation, we've purchased more SKITTLES than any other type of candy.

*Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 


*Candy corn 

*Hot Tamales 

*Hershey's Minis 

*Tootsie Pops 

*Jolly Ranchers.

Candy corn is only 6th overall, but it's #1 in the individual STATE rankings.  Seven states buy it more than any other Halloween candy . . . Nevada, Michigan, Idaho, New Mexico, Alabama, Iowa, and Rhode Island.

Minnesota's Top Candy is the Tootsie Pop, followed by Skittles and candy corn.

Skittles are next with five states . . . Pennsylvania, Hawaii, New Jersey, South Carolina, and California.  And Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are #1 in four states . . . Texas, Kansas, Oregon, and Wyoming.

And a few ODD favorites include Delaware with Life Savers . . . Montana and Oklahoma with Dubble Bubble Gum . . . and Washington and Nebraska, where people can't get enough salt water taffy. 



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