Somebody Stole Falen's Cliff Bar From The Studio... & i know who did it...

First of all, such a great wedding photo! Congrats to the married couple....

Now that I have my congrats out of the way... FALEN IS SETTING ME UP!

I woke up to a tweet.....

I'm thinking to myself, "why am I the scapegoat?" It could've been legitimately anybody but nahhhhh Zach and Colt taking the heat (I know this is stupid drama but I need to blog so just deal with it).

ANYWAYS. Zach responds, totally throwing me under the bus:


Turns out. I did eat the cliff bar, BUT IT WAS MINE.

The other night, I bought a cliff... The vending machine eyed me up and was like "oh this dude looks genuinely nice, i'm going to shoot out two instead of one."

So it did just that. I left the other Cliff bar in the studio as a go to snack later in the week. And last night, I ate said bar:

Falen immediately folded:

My response was taken lightly but i'm serious about getting a movie deal:

Point of the story is Cliff needs to endorse us so we have unlimited bars.

Thanks for reading!

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