Things You Shouldn’t Wear To The Gym

Ever workout while wearing a cotton shirt, yeah, stop doing that now. Here's what you should chuck from your workout wardrobe, stat!

  • Jewelry - Necklaces can beat on your chest and smack you in the face, or get tangled in your earbuds and rings can affect your grip on the weights and put pressure on your finger, so leave it at home or in the locker room.
  • Too-tight clothes - Compression clothing is designed to let you move while compressing the muscles, so it’s fine, but clothes that are so small they restrict your movement make it hard to get a solid workout. If you can’t bend over properly, raise your arms overhead, or do a full squat, it’s too tight. And restrictive shorts can cause chafing on inner thighs, you definitely don’t want that.
  • 100% cotton clothes - Since it absorbs every drop of sweat, you end up feeling like you’re wearing a wet towel. And Navya Mysore points out the more damp it is, the more likely it is to grow bacteria. So skip the old cotton Tees and go for sweat-wicking fabrics made for exercise instead.
  • Worn-out sneakers - Old shoes don’t provide as much cushioning and shock absorption, so they can throw off the alignment of your feet, hips and knees as a result. If the treads on the bottom get flat, the shoes have holes or other signs of disrepair, it’s time to treat yourself to some new sneakers.
  • Regular bras or stretched-out sports bras - You need a supportive sports bra to avoid bouncing, pain, stretching and sagging, ladies.
  • Super-baggy clothes - Hiding your body makes it harder for your trainer or instructor to see your form and help correct you.
  • A face full of makeup - Some women do it all the time, but Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital warns that “when you sweat, dirt and oil can build up under makeup, which leads to irritation and promotes acne breakouts.” So go fresh-faced at the gym to avoid all that.

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