Family Halloween Costume - What Should We Wear? We're Stumped!

The family costume is a big deal in our family and we've had a number of different themes, we've done everything from Star Wars to Disney characters to last year we did Ghostbusters-themed costumes. This year it has been far from easy, we have ideas but we can agree on what would be the best family costume.

Part of the issue is Isaac 

Here's our current short-list

Addams Family

The Incredibles

Skeleton Family

Here's part of the dilemma, Isaac, and Olivia are at that age where they want to do scarier costumes and a cute family costume is a much harder sell. The ONE idea they both liked (and came up with) was to do a Harry and the Hendersons themed costume but they mostly want to do that so they could make me dress up as Bigfoot. 

Help our family decide, click on the costume you like most OR if you have an alternate idea, let me know. 

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