Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 9/14 - 9/16

Puppies, Pools & Laundry

Big weekend guys, HUGE.

Friday 9/14 -

Did you come out to the Dave Ryan NoK for Special Olympics!? If you did, it was awesome to meet you! If you did not - next year!

I decided to only take selfies with dogs.

Saturday 9/15 -

This weekend was hot AF and most likely the last nice weekend of summer and for sure the last weekend of my pool. So Jen Bun came over for a lovely pool afternoon.

RIP summer 2018. You were lit.

After the pool we went to my friend's who are moving out of their house next weekend so were having a goodbye house party.

There was a keg & hot cheetos & weird yard games.

Sunday 9/16 -

Yeah. I forgot to take photos Sunday. I woke up early, but laid in bed and watched cartoons, while drinking coffee. Cuz I'm an adult.

Then I went to the mall with my friend Lauren to try and find something to wear in Vegas next weekend... I was not successful.

But GREAT NEWS GUYS I'm in Vegas next weekend for our #iHeartFestvial! So get ready for a banging Weekend in Five-ish Photos next weekend!!

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