Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: Getting Sick Sucks When it's 90 Outside

The weekend started with the Dave Ryan NoK for Special Olympics! A highlight occurred even before the event when I saw Jenny take nothing short of 20 selfies while waiting at a stoplight. 

On Saturday Isaac had another soccer game and I was lucky enough to experience a parent freaking out while their kids play soccer. While we were at Isaac's soccer game he ended up being so aggressive and over the top that all the parents on our side of the field suddenly just got quiet.

After getting back from Isaac's soccer game on Saturday afternoon, Kristy,  who hadn't gone to the game because she didn't feel well started getting sicker and sicker, we ended up going to urgent care and found out that she had pneumonia.

The weekend ended with me trying to keep the kids entertained, Olivia and I ended up going to the dog park where she eventually snapped this picture.

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