Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/14 - 9/16

Friday was crazy busy for me!  It started with doing the morning show and then running off to get my hair done at my fav place, Twiggs,  with my fav stylist, David.  So did I make Tina take a handful of pictures of me at the Dave Ryan NoK after I got it done because I was feeling fab?  Uh yup!

I'm always down for a 5K but it was a nice change of pace this year doing the NoK for Special Olympics.  Thanks to everyone that came out to support Special Olympics Minnesota.  Surly did a wonderful job of hosting, and Special Olympics always helps put together great events!

After the NoK I ran off to a kickball party.  I'm on a new team this season so here I am with some of the new teammates!

The parties usually get pretty rowdy because we do a flip cup tournament for our league charity.  This was before a lot of the craziness ensued. 

I had a lot going on this weekend but for once bailed on a couple things.  Instead, I did a pool day with Tina Saturday.  After I tagged along to a house party some of Tina's friends were having. 

Hope you survived what my doppler is saying was the last hot weekend of the year!

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