Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: September 14 - 16

Like Weather Girl Jenny said, this was probably the last hot, summery day of the year, so it was great to get out and do some summery kind of things.  Not like beach and lake stuff, just summery stuff. Which now that I think about it, I could still do all the things I did into the fall. So that's good! 

Let's get started with the weekend in five pictures!

Friday night: The Dave Ryan No-K for Special Olympics Minnesota at Surley Brewing. We had a great time, raised some money and met some great people! 

Saturday morning I went golfing at New Hope Village Golf Course. It's a beautiful old course with mature trees. I shot a 44, which is terrible, but I had fun and it was so great being outdoors!

Saturday afternoon, field testing continued for the Clipadoo dog poop clip.  I mostly wanted to test how easy it is to tie the bag through the clip and release it, AND make sure the clip holds securely to the leash.

It works fine! Josie's not a very big dog, about the size of a cocker spaniel, but I'm confident the Clipadoo would easily hold big dog's poop without slipping off.  You can order a Clipadoo for only $10 on etsy.com.  Just search "Clipadoo."  Or, better yet, just click here!

Saturday afternoon  I rode the motorcycle randomly out to Glencoe. I turned down the mainstreet looking for a bar and found "Happy Hour."  This is Lori, the manager. She gave me a hard time about The Glencoe Song and of course I dodged responsibility by reminding her that Steve-O did that song.

My band "Dat Brass Doe" played the Almelund, Minnesota Apple Festival on Sunday and we had a great time! Our next event is probably gonna be the Anoka Halloween Parade. I'm crossing my fingers!

I hope you had a great weekend! Cooler weather is coming this week, so it'll feel more like fall.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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