Someone made a blog about me and i'm not sure how to feel about it

I was on Instagram and I noticed somebody tagged me in a photo... usually when this happens it's either photos i've taken with people I meet orrrr random club djs/artists trying to chase clout (not that I have any lol). 

Anyways, I noticed this blog called, The Talent Report," did an article on me. The title: "WHAT MAKES COLT SO RELATABLE & REFRESHING "

I thought hmmmmm, clicked on the link & here's what it stated:

KDWB/Minnesota has a really interesting guy with a very cool name doing nights. His name is Colt, and what makes him a notable Talent is his ability to simply be real and candid with his audience.

Take a look at the video above as Colt reflects after the death of Mac Miller. He could have simply expressed his condolences, but instead, Colt explained why Mac Miller meant so much to him personally.

When you listen to Colt speak, it feels like you’re just listening to a friend on the phone. He’s not too hype, and not too chill–but when hear him on talk on the air, podcasts or social media, you feel connected to his personality and it all feels effortless and organic. In addition, another respected Talent lauds his interaction with listeners.

Lastly, Colt is young and married, and regularly posts pictures with his wife Jenn on social media. Since Top 40 stations attract so many female listeners, it’s very refreshing that Colt doesn’t subscribe to the notion that men in the spotlight have to hide their relationships to be more appealing.

Colt’s last stop was in Jacksonville, and we can’t wait to see him progress even further in his career.

This was super flattering, but i'm not sure if it's true. I don't think I purposely post photos of my wife to highlight her or whatever. I also don't think I say things that are relatable or pandering to the audience. I sort of just speak my mind. 

I actually never really got why people think i'm good at what I do. In all honesty, I think I break a lot of radio rules. I'm not the greatest radio "dj." Even from a blogging aspect. I should probably proof read this before I post but i'm not going to because I have 3289047327230 other things to do.

I think I just speak my mind, have fun with whatever i'm doing, and make people realize there's somebody out there who's going through something more ratchet then they are... whether it's a caller, an intern, or just even one of my personal stories.... I just share my life. 

Anyways, there really isn't any point to this blog. If you're still reading then DAMN shoutout to you. 

Thanks for listening. It allows me to buy stuff and have a place to live. I don't have any other career options other than radio. Remember that if you think about not listening to my show at some point lmao. Jkkkk don't mean to guilt trip you.

Okay. This has gone on too long. I'm ending this blog.

Love you, bye.

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