Murder Monday "The Perfect Mom"

In June of 2007, 34-year-old soccer mom Paige Birgfiend went on a romantic picnic with an ex-husband and high school sweetheart that wanted to rekindle their relationship, she never returned from that picnic and her disappearance sent a shock wave through her community or Grand Junction, CO, a small mining town halfway between Denver and Salt Lake City that's also known as a highway stop-off point for criminals with bad business on the brain. Investigators searching for Paige Birgfeld would soon discover that the single mother of three had something in common with her hometown: pretty on the outside, but with a dark secret underneath.


After discovering her car ablaze a few days after her initial disappearance they also found a planner with missing Paige's so they began to investigate her phone and on the days leading up to her disappearance there was a number that they didn't recognize, it was also the last number that she called.   When police contacted the mysterious last number it ended up exposed a dark secret about this sweet mother that nobody ever expected.  

The devoted soccer mom by day was spending her nights running “Models Inc”, a lucrative escort service. Birgfeld was in such demand, she had to change her voice while arranging trysts on the phone to make it sound like she had a stable of women available for business.


Follow the link for a list of article that chronicles the missing and murder of Paige Birgfield.  


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