Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/7 - 9/9

I'm debating signing up for a half marathon.  My sisters are doing the Madison one in November so I've been training as if I'm doing it and will decide by the end of this month if I think I can wing it.  SO anyways, I started looking for new running trails and hit up Medicine Lake Friday!

Friday night I had my friend Kelsey's going away party.  We got a party bus and packed about 40 people on it like sardines.  This is the one picture I managed to get before things got pretty wild.

I walked out of my apartment Saturday morning to find the neighbors most likely also had a pretty crazy night because they forgot their keys here: 

I'm not one to talk bad about the Vikings because that's not my thing so congrats to all you Vikes fans on that win yesterday.  But HOLY F'ING S*** did you see that Packer game???? I'm not going to lie, I left during the 2nd quarter and went on a night run because it was stressing me out, but got back for the 3rd quarter to catch that amazing comeback.  Rodgers is actually the G.O.A.T. and I will defend that statement.

This week might be our last taste of hot summery days so get outside and enjoy it!  Or stay on your couch and binge watch Netflix.  Whatever makes you happy. 

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