Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 9/7 - 9/9

Oh hey guys, it's me, Tina.

Friday 9/7 -

I had a pretty chill Friday night, I was still watching my neighbor's dogs, but decided I was going to make my famous homemade popcorn & watch a movie.

I watched Sierra Burgess is a Loser because I'm a little too in love with Noah Centineo. It's definitely not as good as his other movie on Netflix, but still a good Friday night flick.

My homemade popcorn is a trade secret that I will never reveal. However, I'm willing to share with you one very important ingredient - cheese.

NOT just any cheese. Rosemary olive oil asiago. Don't ask, just try. Grate it on top of your hot popcorn and let it get a little melty. You'll thank me later.

I call it "crack cheese".

Saturday 9/8 -

I had a pretty lazy afternoon before heading over to do some Gopher game day tailgating. 

Colton Underwood (a.k.a The Bachelor) was at the game & hot damn he's hot in person.

Look at his back muscles. LOOK. AT. THEM!

We tried to take a 4 person selfie - way harder than it looks.

Sunday 9/9 -

Sunday was my last day with the pups. Today was their birthday!! They're pretty dang cute. 

I chilled the rest of the day at my parents before making my famous taco pizza (I have a lot of famous foods I make, ok?).

I am willing to share my taco pizza recipe. Tweet me (@TinaRange) if you'd like a blog post about it!

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