Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: This Could Be the Last Time....

I have to ask, will this be our final weekend of summer? I hope not because the weather this weekend was perfection from beginning to end. A few highlights. I watched a podcast, yes, my wife and I watched most of the two hours of the Joe Rogan podcast interview with Elon Musk because we both find him incredibly fascinating. Since he did the interview Elon has gotten into hot water and but I don't care because I find him to be brilliant.

Isaac had his first competitive soccer game over the weekend and had to run twice as much, I was seriously impressed.

Saturday afternoon we found this at a store and I just had to get a pic because this right here is a waste of money because of there's NO ONE that would keep it up for more then a week.  

Sunday we went to Wayzata for James J. Hill days, saw the parade which I think is the perfect length and Olivia won a goldfish...just what I wanted her to win because we know their life expectancy is basically the ride home 

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