Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: September 7 - 9

I'm in Colorado this weekend to see Chase and honestly, cuz I had to meet the cable guy because after FOUR visits from the cable company, it still wasn't working!  It's working now and what a relief! No internet and no TV is pretty hard to deal with in 2018, amiright?

Let's get started on my weekend in five pictures!

A friend of mine challenged me to find a new motorcycle route in Colorado. Of course there are HUNDREDS but I've ridden all the ones that are close by and the rest are a three hour drive on the freeway just to get to them.

But my neighbor here told me about one that's closeby and that I'd never tried. I know this picture doesn't show it off very well, but it ran along the mountains behind me and yes, it was awesome!

My son Chase works at a TV station and they were sponsoring the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure and I invited myself to come along and run with him! This is Chase on the left with some of his co-workers.

Part of the route. Taking a little walk break!

I ran ahead so I could get a picture of Chase and Maddie crossing the finish line. And I was amazed I actually got the timing right!

After the run of course we went out and had a big breakfast! That's what you do after you work out, right? 

Thanks for looking at my blog! I hope you have a great week!


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