My Latest Cool Discovery: The Merge Cube

I'm pretty much always late to the party on most things.  I'll see a really great movie on Netflix and when I tell Falen about it, she'll get annoyed and say, "I told you about that movie two years ago!"

Like the time I found a great burger place and told Falen, "You have to try this place I found. It's called Wendy's."

So I admit, this has been out for a year or two, but it's new to me! I saw it in a game machine at the State Fair. One of those games where you can't really win, but you keep feeding dollars into it cuz it looks so easy.  This was in the game and I googled it to see what it was all about.  It's cool!

So I got one each of Steve's kids and one for Falen's soon-to-be stepson Dillon. And he loves it! Check it out!

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