Jenny's Labor Day Weekend in Six Pics

I went home to Wisconsin for a college friend's wedding this weekend.  My sister moved into a new house along the lake so I spent the first night hanging out with her and her husband and caught this beautiful view that she now gets to see every night from her backyard. 

My friend's wedding was in a barn just 20 minutes away from my hometown.  Loved the chandeliers!

Here I am with the bride and most of our college roommates.

I went kayaking on Lake Winnebago with my sister before heading back to Minneapolis. 

I was out at the fair for work Sunday and Monday.  After getting done working Sunday night I hit up the ferris wheel.  I really thought I was over my fear of heights but as soon as we started getting to the top I started getting anxious and didn't really enjoy.

I met SO many amazing people at the fair over the past 2 weeks and wish I had pictures with all of you but here I am with Liam!   He asked me to sign his Dave Ryan fan so I naturally signed "Weather Girl Jenny" over the mustache area on Dave's face. 

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