Dave's Labor Day Weekend in Six Pictures!

I think EVERY weekend should be a three-day weekend, cuz they're so awesome! I mean, how many do we really get a year?  Three?  MLK Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's not enough!

I hope you had a good one!  We stayed busy.  Let's get started!

Final visit to the state fair this year. We went on Friday and basically I blew my Medifast plan and ate way too much. We almost never go to the fair at night but it was great.  Smaller crowds and everything lit up was very cool.

Meanwhile, in the pet barn...

Saturday afternoon, we went golfing at Hyland Greens in Bloomington.  It's a great little par three course.  I sucked but it was still great to be out playing!

Okay, this is pathetic but I'll tell you the story behind it.  Staring in 2009, Carson and I have taken a canoeing trip down the Mississippi.  We'd camp at a little island near Monticello and get out at Otsego. Well, with both of us being so busy, we had trouble working that overnight trip in, so we made it a day trip. And then we just went out to a local lake.

This summer, he was gone for 5 weeks at a music camp, and another week at Scout Camp, so we just didn't have time.  Sunday, we wanted to go out to Lake Ann Park and go for awhile just so we didn't miss a year, but the rental counter was closed for the season.  And I don't have a car that I can carry a canoe one.

So we just went down there, took Josie cuz she always goes with us, put on our lifejackets and we got this picture.  I'm annoyed with myself for letting this get away this summer. But I guess at least we got the picture.

Sunday night, we went to Dave and Busters in Southdale.  I think I was more excited than Carson was.  I LOVE arcades!

Monday, to burn off some of the calories I had over the weekend, I went out of a five mile run with my running buddy. I hadn't run five miles in a VERY long time but it felt great to do and I didn't have any trouble with it.

I hope you had a great weekend!  Enjoy the short week!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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