14 Rules For Staying Safe When Out For a Run

The tips are great things to remember when out for a run or walk.

Always tell someone where you are going.

Stay on well-traveled and well-lit roads. Don’t take shortcuts through woods, poorly lit areas, etc.

If possible, run with a dog, a group or at least one other person.

Ditch the headphones.

Bring your phone.

If someone looks shady to you, cross the street or go the other way.

Vary your routes. Don’t be predictable.

Know where you’re going. Looking confused and lost can make you a target.

Don’t be distracted. Perpetrators specifically look for people who aren’t 100 percent aware of their surroundings.

Consider taking a self-defense class. You never know when you might need these skills.

Reconsider the ponytail, which is an easy thing to grab and pull. Opt for a bun or something harder to grasp onto as you go.

Run confidently, meaning tall and focused, to display confidence.

Trust your gut. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Bring pepper spray.

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