Listener Found a Riddle about a Buried Treasure in Her Wall

Pam wrote us a note looking for help solving a riddle that's stumped her family for years. Here's the email Pam sent us along with the note that they found in a wall.

When I was remodeling my house several years ago I found a letter in the wall addressed to the current residents of the home with a riddle about a “buried treasure”.   My kids and I were never able to figure it out and find the treasure and I’m hoping Psychic Gary Spivey can help.  I bought our house 25 years ago and have recently sold it. We close at the end of the month. My kids are 25 and 23 and would love to know where the treasure is even after all these years before we leave. Please let me know if Gary is going to answer this so I can listen. Thanks!! Pam


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